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An excerpt from the Book of Tools, Chapter 5

...Just as the most loyal member of the pack shall protect the cubs with her life, just as the most honorable men are chosen to guard the castle at all costs, so shall the Great Family appoint a Citizen of Ineffable Loyalty to be the Barbit. The Barbit may keep the initial letters of his given name, but upon his initiation He shall henceforth be known primarily as the Barbit, for by His very nature, He is charged with protecting the Great Family at all costs, and exalted by the Church as a Heavenly Protector, the Barbit shall by necessity be Great Paradox of Morality, for He must forgo the natural laws of Morality as described by Mankind, in order to protect the Family, the protectors of Mankind. Because the Profane and Common Man may not understand this forgoing of his own laws, the Church shall be charged with keeping the identity of the Barbit and His Nature and His Deeds in the utmost confidence, for as long as the Barbit shall live, He shall be charged with doing the same, in order to protect the Great Family that exalted Him. The Barbit must be chosen with the greatest of care, for it is the Family's future that lays upon His back; it is his Choices within the Ether of Morality that shape the Family's future in the eyes of the world. And if the Barbit ever shall stray from His Sacred Purpose, Caroline forbid, then He shall be cast out and dealt with in whatever manner is deemed necessary to avenge His grievances, for the same forbearance of Man's laws entrusted with the Barbit during His reign shall also by the very same token be used to avenge the grievances of the rogue Barbit. For it is upon this paradoxical crux of Man's laws that the Mortal Eternity of the Great Family teeters ever so delicately, and upon which the Family must cast Its Great Shadow.