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Tourists' Guide to the Church of Vanderstank

The Church of Vanderstank is a holy chapel designed strictly according to a vision that Dr. Vanderstank recorded shortly before his death. The Church is a six-story inverted chapel that extends down into the ground—that is, the first floor is on ground level, the second floor is beneath that, the third floor beneath that, and so on.

The first floor contains the rooms that travellers and tourists most often wish to visit. The Library contains the fabled Book of Vanderstank, as well as several other selected texts. Further down are two meditation rooms where visitors are encouraged to sit and stay a while, a Confessional where one may come to atone their sins, and a small access stairway to the second floor.

The second floor, only recently opened to the public, contains an interesting array of rooms including the Chamber of Reflection where Church members came to meditate away from the public, as well as a theater called the Proscenium, a long-defunct marvel of mechanical engineering called the Panopticon, and several storage rooms for the Church's most valuable possessions.

The third floor is off limits, and may be bypassed by ladder.

The star attraction of the fourth floor, long restricted to Church monks, is the Moon Room, where a chunk of actual moon rock purchased from an Apollo mission hangs suspended in mid-air with bright lights shining on it. This allows Church members to perform moonlight rituals even when the moon is not out. The fourth floor also contains a garden, a museum, an art studio, a distillery, and the Weather Room, where a manmade thunderstorm is trapped within the confines of a watertight room.

The fifth floor contains various seldom-used rooms, including several early bacterial incubators and several padded soundproof rooms.

The sixth floor is off limits.