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An excerpt from the Book of Leaving, Chapter 4

If you stand to watch it all
Then you stand to watch it fall
— Poem from the Book of Leaving

And should the Company ever fall, should the President ever be incapacitated, should the future of Vanderstank itself be called into question: Its salvation will lie not in gluing the pieces back together just as they were, but in the power of the Church to rebirth it anew. In this confusion, in this vacuum, the power shall lie not with the remnants of those who once administered it, but with those appointed by the Church. For the Family was built not upon the skeleton of a corporate structure, but on the skeletons of those buried in the Church.

Since the beginning, it was prophesied that Vanderstank was not to be merely a Company, but a Movement to advance the place of humanity in the universe itself. And though one face of Vanderstank is indeed a Company, and though generation after generation may choose talented and passionate Executives, only those appointed by the Church have the purity of soul, strength of spirit, and maternal instinct to rebirth the Company when it has died.

Indeed, although we do not proclaim this fact to the world, there is, indeed, a clear pattern to those appointed by the Church, for this very reason. Though an entire army of chess pieces may be required to reach the other side, it is only the Queens that have the power to move most freely across the board.

Even as the Great Tree may grow weary of repeatedly shedding its beautiful glistening emerald leaves, it must continue Leaving. This is just as it was foretold in the Queen of Leaves parable, for which this book is named.